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Sex Clown, Betty Grumble's Top 5 Performers

Words by Betty Grumble

Betty Grumble is a Sydney-based performance artist whose exploration of sex, the body, and theatre has stunned crowds from Frankie's Pizza to Tasmania's Dark Mofo festival. As a genre-bending artist who isn't afraid to push the boundaries of comfort, Grumble credits the work of these iconic women as the catalysts for her flame.

Annie Sprinkle

Annie is a legendary porn star, performance artist, sexecologist and ecosexual. She and her partner Beth Stephens have opened their arms to me and provided great support and love energy. Annie's practice and sex positive orgasmic ethos has made so much space for so many of us to play with our being and bods. Check out their films Water Makes Us Wet and their new book Assuming The Ecosexual Position! 

Annie Sprinkle, Sprinkle Salon.

What can I say?! What a legendary, generous magnet of rock n' roll, punk, queero divine energy. I have been lucky enough to perform and hang with Peaches. They truly care about art and artists. They are electric. Mega totem of performance! 

Elizabeth Burton

73 year old veteran Buddhist Stripper! Living Sydney legend. When Elizabeth performs, the light shines out of her. 

"She is the Goddess reminding us to love our bodies, to touch ourselves." 

Her mantra - Mastication, Masturbation, Meditation and Mobility. 

Candy Royalle

Resting in Power... Candy Royalle was a prophet portal. High priestess of poetry and radical warrior of pure love energy. Queer Palestinan heritage and sharp tongued sister of many. She taught us how to live. She was my soul sister on stage and not a day or show goes on without her breath fueling our making. You should read her book - A Trillion Tiny Awakenings and listen to her band Candy Royalle and The Freed Radicals. 

Karmyn Sciberras/Gibson

MY MOTHER. Nurse, actor, personal trainer, sculptor, body builder, painter, mother, women's gym owner, fierce lady. Metabolising her life force via all these creative and healing vehicles. My mother is a witching, wise and wonderful human. Dad too, and little brother, and all the dogs and cats and birds and plants. 

"Home and family, everything is connected and whirling with influence, tanglement, ongoingness and release."

To. The. Mother. 

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