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One-off dining events full of joy and reckless abandon

Words by Mariah Hanna

A reader of Georgio Locatelli, a student of her mum's ever-creative cooking regime  and devoted diner, Liz Mitchell’s quiet confidence in the kitchen is backed up by years of   culinary curiosity. "We used to borrow copies of Gourmet Traveller from the library," says Mitchell. "Mum always thought it was a waste to have them lying around the house." 

Her laid back, try-anything-once nature is paired with a broad palate and devotion to eating at all levels from city fine dining to outer west boltholes. It’s that curiosity that inspired the newly minted head chef of Surry Hills supper club Alberto’s Lounge to start a series of fantastical one-off events - plucking dreamed up dinners from her mind and bringing them to life. 

Image via Ten Hats

Ten Hats is a joint production between Mitchell, Brasserie Fitz head chef Anna Ugarte-Carral, creative producer and DJ Maddison Costello and Ella Stening, manager of Native Drops Artisan Wine Cellar. 

Image via Ten Hats

A Ten Hats event is about finding pleasure in food, art, drinking, and dancing, equally inspired by the trimmings of fine dining as the reckless joy and abandon of a house party. Never hosted in the same space twice, Ten Hats has invited guests to luscious dinners held in art galleries, intimate apartments, distilleries and gothic mansions in Sydney. Heavily themed, painstakingly detail-oriented, and always involving an element of excess with food, drink, and people at the centre. 

All-immersive and all the more spectacular knowing a repeat experience will never come, Ten Hats is the perfect expression of all of the best aspects of dining.

Instagram: @tenhatsbistro


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