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Coffee Connoiseur, Paul Geshos' Top 5 Coffee Venues

Words by Paul Geshos

Paul Geshos knows his way around a cup of coffee. As the founder of Mecca, one of Australia's most respected specialty coffee roasters, Geshos has circled the globe acquainting himself with the best bean producers, coffee houses, and roasting techniques. Here is an exhaustive list of Geshos' five favourite coffee venues from around the world.

Photo by Keisuke Tanigawa via TimeOut.
Switch Coffee Tokyo

Part of the new school of Tokyo Coffee. Masahiro “Masa” Oshiri, cut his teeth in the Melbourne coffee scene before returning back to his homeland to set up his cafe/roastery near Meguro station. No food but great playlists, natural wine and Japanese whiskey (on request).

L’ambre, Tokyo

Old School Tokyo coffee, before ‘Specialty Coffee’ was an itch in your grandfather's pants. In an impossible to find back lane of Ginza, this is a time warp of a place.

"Grab a stool at a bar, light up a cigarette, and order an Ethiopian Elephant bean from the 1980’s."

Won't be the best cup of coffee you’ll ever have, but as far as coffee experiences go, there is nothing else comparable. 

Image via Tim Wendelboe
Tim Wendelboe, Oslo

Classic 2004 World Barista Champion intersects with Nordic coffee aesthetic. There is not a coffee bar on the planet that is more fastidious about coffee preparation. Simple, elegant and concise, this place has seating for 2 (as of 2012). Part coffee house, part coffee lab, this place has an inspired curation of coffees. Tim also has a coffee farm in Colombia.

Coffee Libre, Seoul

This place is raw coffee vibes, Lucha Libre with a world class coffee buying program. Wouldn’t be out of place on the Blade Runner set.

Bella Vista Coffee Shop, Antigua Guatemala

This place is staffed by an international roster of baristas and showcases coffee from roasters all over the world, an exchange set up by coffee impresario Luis Pedro Zelaya who runs the Bella Vista Coffee Mill in Antigua. This is ground zero far any coffee buyer moving through Central America and a hub for a visit to Spanish colonial Antigua.

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