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"I have such an aversion to cold breakfast foods"

Word by Rosheen Kaul

Rosheen Kaul

Snack lovers, start your engines. Etta Dining’s head chef, Rosheen Kaul, is leaving Melbourne to serve Sydney a whole menu of Chinese(ish) good times. As part of Surry Thrills Festival, Kaul is taking over Alberto’s Lounge for one night only, cooking Italian favourites with a Chinese spin. Hosted by Swill mag editor Myffy Rigby, there’ll be eight treasure burrata, scallop and egg white spring roll with black olive and cumin-spiced lamb shoulder with grilled flatbread and condiments among other treats. And if that wasn’t enough, there’ll be tunes from one of Swillhouse’s favourite DJs, Daniel Lupica.

We stole a couple of minutes with Rosheen to ask her some very important questions…

Rosheen Kaul
Catch the chef and cookbook author with a Fernet post-service

Favourite smell

The really heady, super-aromatic fragrance of searing garlic, chilli powder and spring onion with hot oil for noodles. Also petrol.

Favourite breakfast food

Laksa. I was so sad when we moved to Australia and I had to eat cereal. I have such an aversion to cold breakfast foods.

Favourite way to self-soothe

A very long, drawn-out skincare routine where I exfoliate all traces of my old self, do multiple hair, face and hand masks and emerge smooth and flawless like some sort of butterfly at 3am on a Sunday.

Rosheen Kaul
Hand masks are an important part of self-care after a day of shellfish-cracking

Favourite song produced between 1977 and 1982
1977! Such important year for punk and also the year the Runaways released California Paradise. My second favourite Cure album came out in 1982 (Pornography), and if I have to choose I’d say The Hanging Garden.

Favourite after-dinner drink

Either a Fernet or my favourite smoky rhubarb Amaro Rabarbaro Sfumato. Yum (o).

Rosheen Kaul

Rosheen Kaul is cooking for one night only at Alberto’s Lounge Tuesday 27 September over two sittings (6pm and 8.30pm). Tickets to the dinner are $220pp, including matched drinks. To book, click here, select the date and your preferred time. Easy!)

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