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The perfect egg salad sandwich

Words by Dom Wilton


“The egg salad sandwich holds a feeling of nostalgia for a lot of people that grew up in Australia. I reckon the best thing about it is its simplicity. It’s kind of like a gateway drug in that it under- promises and over-delivers. Ours sees perfectly cooked eggs (not too runny, not too hard) where the yolks are that malleable stage. The mayonnaise has to be Kewpie. White onion, white pepper and a little bit of cheap, nasty white vinegar. The bread is Bakers Delight – high GI, low fibre – and unsliced so you can cut it extra thick and it kind of mooshes together. And then heavily salted butter. You’re after softness. It’s like a hug.”

Hector’s Deli 1/94 Buckingham St, Richmond VIC. www.hectorsdeli.com.au

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