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Five minutes with photographer and Jumbo’s dancer, Scarlett Kapella

Words by Myffy Rigby

Scarlett Kapella

Favourite midnight snack A joint and a handful of blackberries.

The song that will always get you dancing At work my go-to’s are Danzig, Queens of the Stone Age and The Cramps.  I wish I had the stamina to dance to all seven minutes of “The Writ” by Black Sabbath, it’s such a banger!

Your most treasured possession?  My most treasured possession is my 35mm camera, I take it with me everywhere.  My everlasting photo project, BITCH! You Strippin’ documents my life as a dancer at such a beloved Hollywood venue.  Photography has altered my life significantly and I feel truly blessed to have access to this subculture full of rad beautiful women. In my civilian life my most cherished possession is a vintage glass milk jug my mom gave me for Christmas.  It’s no ordinary milk jug, this gem features the late and great public access TV producer/host Huell Howser.  A true American badass cherished by Southern California Natives.

Signature drink My true love will always be a frozen margarita (or any sugary blended beverage I can drink out of a fruit carcass) but I’ve been on a Moscow Mule kick lately.  The fancy copper mug pairs beautifully with bedazzled bikinis.

Best tip for future dancersAs dancers we have the opportunity to create fun memories for our patrons.  A simple greeting and smile can make a new customer feel comfortable.  We get a lot of noobs at Jumbo’s. I always try to leave a pleasant heel-print on their hearts with genuine conversation and the occasional dad joke.

Best tipping celebrity
Drew Carey and David Arquette were both wonderful guests. Some people just get it, you come in with a good attitude ready to tip big and enjoy.  Unfortunately bikini bars tend to attract attention extortionists, some folks – often celebs – want to make it all about them instead of appreciating the performers. (*cough* Amber Heard & G-Eazy.)

Flashiest money-making manoeuvre   Eye-fuckin’ and hair flippin’

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