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Vivid Presents: Alphaville for Magnums & Movies

27.09.2021 Restaurant Hubert
Restaurant Hubert invites guests to participate in an immersive gustatory, olfactory, and visual experience for this specially curated Magnums & Movies. As part of Vivid Sydney the annual light, sound and culture festival, throughout the month of August, we are screening Jean Luc-Godard’s 1965 neo-noir film Alphaville in our beautifully restored Theatre Royale. An extraordinary French feast is served during the intermission, and unlimited magnums of wine are passed down the aisles throughout the film. This event is designed to celebrate Sydney, the arts and alternative notions of futurism. Now inextricably tied to the French New Wave genre, Godard’s cinema explores questions of representation and aesthetics, with a reimagination of collective consciousness through a futuristic, sometimes dystopic lens. Tickets are $165 and include canapés on arrival, popcorn, a buffet dinner at the intermission and free flowing wine for the duration of the event. Please note: - Dietary requests cannot be catered to at this event

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Mi-Sex at Frankie's Pizza | Vivid Sydney

30.09.2021 Frankie's Pizza
Celebrating 40 years of Space Race and presented by VIVID SYDNEY 2021, Mi-Sex plays Frankie’s Pizza on Thursday the 30th of September, accompanied by an awe-spiring visual spectacular and laser-light show. MI-SEX exploded onto the Australian scene in 1979 with the timeless classic LP, Graffiti Crimes, which scooped the pool at the 1980 COUNTDOWN Awards, winning Best New Single (Computer Games), Most Popular Single/Album (Computer Games/Graffiti Crimes), Best New Talent (Mi-Sex), and Best Production (Peter Dawkins/Graffiti Crimes). Merging New Wave with a unique blend of Rock, Pop and Discotheque, Mi-Sex sparked a revolution in Australian music, embedding the synthesiser deeply within the annals of Australian pub rock. Made famous by The Beatles and Rolling Stones in the ‘60s, Pink Floyd and Kraftwerk in the ‘70s, then Depeche Mode and Mi-Sex in the 1980s, the synthesiser is an instrument that transforms electronic current into synthetic sounds, just like the original. In this sense, the intervention of the synthesiser marked a transformation in both analogue and digital music, which coincided with the evolution of the electronic age. The early inventors came at the synthesiser from a technological perspective however the synth was soon harnessed by musicians in the pursuit of new frontiers – from Prog-Rock and Soul to New Wave, Hip Hop and Grime. In the mid-1970s, New Wave music replaced Punk as the definition of the UK underground. Punk soon became drained from New Wave altogether, as New Romanticism and Synth-pop emerged throughout the 1980s. Wham! Old analogue synths presently enjoy a renaissance meanwhile computers do the heavy lifting, using algorithms and AI to create autonomous sounds. And in 2018, Dr Jordan Nguyen and Psykinetic launched Atmosphere – an eye-controlled synth that enables people living with high-level physical disability to use only their eyes to make music. Today, the robotic sounds made anthemic during the ‘80s transcend sounds made by robots in yet another New Age. DOORS 4PM // HAPPY HOUR 4-6PM ($1 SLICES, $4.50 BEER, WINE ‘N’ SPIRITS) // MI-SEX 9PM // FRANKIE’S DREAMTEAM DJs DEEP INTO THE NIGHT (3:30AM)

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