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The Baxter Inn


Mon-Sun 4pm—3am


152—156 Clarence St, Sydney NSW

Baxter at Home

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The Baxter Inn took its name from our favourite American racehorse Boston mob, its space from an old Cue Design fabric storehouse, and its look from a sports bar (minus the sport) and ended up with a place we like to think is pretty great to pass an hour or two. A place where John Cheever and Johnny Walker might spend some time together. The lights are low, the blues are blowing, and the spirits are high.

When you come down the stairs, and step through the door, you’ll see straight away that we like whisky here. And whiskey too, for that matter. We can tell you exactly how many bottles from the Highland, the Lowland, Speyside and the islands we’ve got lined up behind the bar: a lot. And we welcome you to investigate each and every one of these bottles when you visit us - our staff has a story for all of them.

But there’s more to the Baxter Inn than whisky. There’s pretzels, for one thing. And there’s plenty of folks who like what our bartenders do with cocktails, and the way they pour a beer. Hell, even the wine list gets a workout from time to time. What you drink and how you want to drink is up to you – we’re just here to help.

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Baxter Blues Club - Frank Sultana

05.12.2021 The Baxter Inn
First act on the Baxter Blues Club bill: Frank Sultana The Baxter Inn has serviced the city's inhabitants with world-class service since 2011, bouncing to the beat of the blues all along. It's not until now though, ten years deep, that a new fold of the tapestry unfurls. It is in this phase of evolution, that Sydney's Baxter Inn presents, The Baxter Blues Club. From December 5, world renowned artists from the realm of rhythm, blues and boogie woogie shall showcase in these well worn digs every Sunday evening. It'll grunt and grind with mood and brood as the soul-powered beat of the blues fills the room in its finest form, live. To complement this offering, each week a Bootleg Bottle sourced from the archives of Baxter's revered whiskey library will be popped and sold per nip at its original purchase price. This is a welcoming gesture designed to put old drams in your hands, at a profit-free price. Discover some of the world's rarest whiskies and wisest barkeeps, at The Baxter Blues Club. Free entry every Sunday from 4pm. Live blues from 6pm and last drinks called no earlier than 3:30am.

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